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PLCnext Technology is an open industrial automation platform provided by PHOENIX CONTACT. If you're completely new to PLCnext Technology, you may find it helpful to read about it in the PLCnext Community first. For the avid PLCnext user, there's an abundance of opportunities to explore on this platform

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Getting in touch with others

Your questions, hints, and feedback are always welcome. Do not hesitate to connect with other PLCnext Technology users around the world, and our passionate PLCnext team at Phoenix Contact in Germany.

  • For development-related questions or hints, visit the Forum section in the PLCnext Community;
    to post your questions or findings, please register (no costs whatsoever, no newsletters or ad bugging).
  • For further product information, or application and use cases, contact your local subsidiary of Phoenix Contact.
  • For feedback to this information platform, please send an e-mail to the authors.





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