Release strategy

  • Each year comes a long-term support (LTS) release which will be supplied with bug fixes (if necessary).
  • Each quarter follows a feature release with additional capabilities.

This gives you the opportunity to develop your application or app always with the latest features. Newer feature releases always contain the former features in full, so you can adapt your projects to new releases easily.

For operating, Phoenix Contact recommends to depend on LTS releases only. Newer features will be included in the following LTS release.

Release history

The PLCnext Technology adventure began in 2016 with an Early Adopters' phase, driven by the PLCnext Control  AXC F 2152 with firmware release version 1.0 and the former PC Worx Engineer, a derivative of the well-known PC Worx Automation Suite of Phoenix Contact. The PC Worx Engineer then has become the PLCnext Engineer, which is the general engineering tool for PLCnext related programming.

Beginning in late 2018, the above mentioned release strategy was adopted to address the demand for an agile development. These are the releases this Info Center spans:

Long-term support release Feature release Release date
2019.0 LTS   February 20, 2019
  2019.3 March 29, 2019
  2019.6 June 27, 2019
  2019.9 September 29, 2019
2020.0 LTS   December 6, 2019
  2020.3 April / May 2020
  2020.6 July / August 2020
  (2020.9) – not published –
2021.0 LTS   Dec. 2020 – Feb. 2021
  (2021.3) [1] – not published –
  2021.6 July – Sept. 2021
  2021.9 October 2021
2022.0 LTS   Feb. – May 2022
  2022.3 [2] May 2022
  2022.6 July - Aug. 2022
  1. But there is a PLCnext Engineer software suite release 2021.3, published in May 2021 
  2. For AXC F 2152 only

Note: Not every controller receives every firmware version. An overview of the available firmware versions per controller can be found in the table Firmware releases on controllers.

Firmware update

You can download all available firmware releases for free in the Downloads section of your controller's product page on

See the PLCnext Control features for an overview of the releases that are available for your hardware, and use the links at the item no. to get to the product page on

Before upgrading, check the change notes document of your hardware for breaking changes.

Attention icon exclamation mark in triangle

Incorrect operation or modifications to a device can endanger your safety or damage the device.

Do not repair a device yourself. If a device has a defect, please contact Phoenix Contact.

Do not modify hardware or firmware if not advised doing so by Phoenix Contact.

Thoroughly follow requirements and notice restrictions for the firmware release in use.

Check the product page for firmware updates quarterly.




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