PLCnext Control extensions

In this topic you see the main features of the available extensions and adapters to PLCnext Control devices. For a sneak peek into our further development and current activities, please refer to the Development roadmaps.

Latest update: July 15th, 2022 

For use at AXC F series devices

You can use the following extension modules with Axioline F-based PLCnext Control (for example, AXC F 2152 or AXC F 3152) with PCIe interface. For all technical details, see the respective product data sheets.

(not shown here: AXC F IL ADAPT and AXC F XT PB)


The AXC F XT SPLC 1000 is a left-alignable functional safety extension module, which communicates with up to 32 PROFIsafe® devices via PROFINET® or Axioline, while the integrated F-Device instance enables networking to a higher-level PROFIsafe® controller.

Item no. 1159811

AXC F XT ML 1000

The AXC F XT ML 1000 is a left-alignable Machine Learning extension module, designed for AI applications to run at an AXC F 3152 under firmware 2022.0 LTS or newer. The AXC F XT ML 1000 supports machine learning methods programmed with Python on the host controller. It integrates a Coral Edge TPU into the operating system to provide high-speed neural network performance, for example, for working with TensorFlow Lite. See Starting up the AXC F XT ML 1000 module.

Item no. 1259849


The AXC F XT ETH 1TX is left-alignable Ethernet module, which extends your PLCnext Control with an additional high-performance 1 GbE network card, based on a Intel® i210 chipset. This module adds another independent MAC address to your AXC F station and supports PROFINET®. See How to set up the AXC F XT ETH 1TX module.

Item no. 2403115


The AXC F XT IB is a left-alignable INTERBUS G4 Master extension module that integrates INTERBUS networks with a PLCnext Control. Works with newer or older (meaning Supi 3 device chips or higher) INTERBUS components. See How to set up the AXC F XT IB module.

Item no. 2403018


The AXC F XT PB is a left-alignable PROFIBUS® extension module. The AXC F XT PB extends your PLCnext Control with a PROFIBUS® master that can exchange data with up to 125 PROFIBUS® participants, both cyclically (DP V0) and acyclically (DP V1). See How to set up the AXC F XT PB module.

Item no. 1091657


The AXC F XT EXP is a left-aligning module that expands the capability for left-aligning modules at a PLCnext Control. With an AXC F XT EXP  you can use up to 3 PLCnext Control extensions at the same PLCnext Control.

Item no. 1139999


The AXC F IL ADAPT is an Inline adapter terminal (INTERBUS master), designed to be aligned to the right of an Axiocontrol (AXC) series PLCnext Control. You can use the AXC F IL ADAPT to set up an Inline station for PLCnext Technology to integrate INTERBUS devices. See Adding Inline modules.

Item no. 1020304




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