SD cards

In this topic you see the main features of the available SD cards for PLCnext Control devices. For a sneak peek into our further development and current activities, please refer to the Development roadmaps.

Latest update: July 18th, 2022

Regular SD cards

Program and configuration memory for storing the application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC:

  • SD FLASH 2GB PLCNEXT MEMORY (item no. 1043501)
  • SD FLASH 8GB PLCNEXT MEMORY (item no. 1061701)

"LIC" SD cards

Program and configuration memory for storing the application programs, other files and licenses.

The licenses for function blocks, firmware functions or apps can be bound to a LIC SD card. Previously, the binding of licenses was only possible to the device. The binding of licenses to the LIC SD cards is supported as follows:

  • as of firmware 2021.9 of the AXC F 1152AXC F 2152, and AXC F 3152 controllers.
  • as of firmware 2022.0 LTS of the RFC 4072S controller.

This considerably simplifies a device exchange for the user. The licenses can be transferred to the SD card by offline activation via the WBM page License Management or via the PLCnext Store interface. You can find more information in the Administration - License Management topic.
In both cases, the SD card must be inserted in the controller.

The following LIC SD cards are available: 

  • SD FLASH 8GB PLCNEXT MEMORY LIC (item no. 1151112
  • SD FLASH 32GB PLCNEXT MEMORY LIC (item no. 1151111

Partition of LIC SD cards

Partition Filesystem Mount point Available amount of data space Usage
Partition 1 EXT4 /media/card/system 53 MB License container storage
Partition 2 EXT4 /media/rfs/rw (Overlay file system)
  • 8 GB SD card: 1.8 GB
  • 32 GB SD card: 3.7 GB
Overlay file system

Exchange devices with licenses bound to an SD card

To transfer the licenses on an SD card from one device to another, proceed as follows:

Transfer licenses to an SD card

  • Ensure that the support of an external SD card is activated in the WBM of the devices.  See Security - SD Card Settings
  • Make sure that you use an SD card from the list above.
  • Bind your licenses to the SD card
  • Transfer licenses already bound to the controller to the SD card by unbinding them from the controller and creating a new license binding to the SD card.
    For more information on the procedure, see section Offline Activation

Exchange between devices

Note: Insert and remove the SD card only when the controller's supply voltage is disconnected.

An SD card needs to be recognized during the initialization phase of the controller. If you insert the SD card during operation, the SD card will not be recognized.
Make sure that the SD card has been inserted before switching on the controller, in order to enable the controller to use it.

  • Disconnect the supply voltage at both controllers in question.
  • Remove the SD card from the device and insert it to the other device.
  • Reconnect the controller's supply voltage at both controllers.

The SD card with the licenses and further data will be recognized during the initialization phase of the controller.




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