Connecting to the controller

To be able to transfer a project to the controller, you must first connect PLCnext Engineer to the controller. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Double-click the Project (x) node in the PLANT area.

The Project editor group opens.

  • Select the Online Devices editor.
  • Select the appropriate network card from the drop-down list.

You can show and hide more detailed information by clicking on the arrows next to Name of station (Project) and Name of station (Online).

  • Click on the Button_Netzwerk_scannen.bmp button to search the network for connected devices.

You can see the configured devices under Name of station (Project).

You can see the devices that have been found online in the network (online devices) under Name of station (Online.

read network

If you select the device (Select online device here) under Name of station (Online), the controller found in the network (the online device) receives the IP settings of the configured controller.

If you select the device (Select project device here) under Name of station (Project), the configured controller receives the IP settings of the online device found in the network.

  • Select the desired device.

The configured controller has now been assigned to an online device.

If the IP address of an online device found in the network already matches the IP address of the configured controller, the online device is automatically assigned to the configured controller. In this case, you do not need to select the desired device for the assignment.

The Icon_Haekchen.png icon in the Status column indicates that the assignment was successful.


Once the configured controller has been assigned to an online device, you can connect PLCnext Engineer to the controller:

  • Double-click the controller node in the PLANT area.

The controller editor group opens.

  • Select the Cockpit editor.
  • Click on the Button_Verbinden_Trennen.bmp button to connect PLCnext Engineer to the controller.

The SECURE DEVICE LOGIN dialog opens.

Until firmware 2020.3:

From firmware 2020.6 you willl receive a system use notification for your attention with the SECURE DEVICE LOGIN:
The displayed text can be changed or replaced if necessary. Click here for details.
  • Enter your user name and your password.

In the default delivery state, the following access data with administrator rights is preset:

User name: admin
Password: printed on the controller.

The Icon_connected.png icon next to the controller node in the PLANT area indicates that connection was successful.

connected to controller


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