Simulation FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers to the PLCnext Engineer Simulation

Are there any requirements for PLCnext Engineer Simulation?

Yes, see Requirements.

Are there any restrictions for PLCnext Engineer Simulation?

Yes, see Restrictions.

Can I run that simulation on a Linux computer?

No, sorry for that: As of now PLCnext Engineer is only available for Windows, and as the Simulation package is an Add-in to the PLCnext Engineer workbench, the PLCnext Engineer Simulation only runs on Windows computers.

Will the current simulation packages be compatible with newer PLCnext Engineer releases?

Yes, presumably up to release 2022.9. Enhanced Simulation packages are projected to come with PLCnext Engineer 2023.0 LTS.

Can I use a simulation package with more than one PLCnext Engineer release on my computer?

Yes! Once installed, it runs with all PLCnext Engineer releases installed on the same computer. Note: Choose the according project template for the PLCnext Control firmware you want to simulate.

If another PLCnext Control target becomes available, do I have to buy another license for that?

No, the license contains all current and future simulation packages, so you just pay a single fee for all targets. Just download and install the new simulation package, then you can use it right away.

Can I get the PLCnext ENG SIM license in addition to some other Add-ins I have licensed already?

Yes, you can. Select only the simulation license. You'll get a new ticket ID for that new Add-in, which you can manage (install, uninstall) independently from your other Add-ins.




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