PLCnext Engineer Simulation

Available from 2022.0 LTS with AXC F x152 devices 

What the PLCnext Engineer Simulation does

The PLCnext Engineer Simulation makes it more convenient to test and optimize your PLCnext Engineer applications,  because developers no longer depend on a hardware target attached to their computer.

PLCnext Engineer Simulation lets you execute many of the functions, components, and models in your automation project:

  • IEC 61131-3 code
  • MATLAB®/Simulink® models
  • High-level language components

While executing a simulation you can:

  • influence the flow of the program code by forcing process data input variables or debugging output signals
  • simulate and test the eHMI part of your PLCnext Engineer project with the full functionality range
  • use the Web-based Management (WBM) of your simulated hardware target to add new users, and then set user roles to test the behavior of your project regarding different user authentications
  • configure, prepare, and test your OPC UA server connection using an OPC UA client on your local host (IP address


  • PLCnext Engineer 2022.0 LTS or newer installed
  • At least one Simulation package installed
  • These communication ports are available (not blocked on local host):
    • 5555 for SSH access
    • 4840 for OPC UA
    • 5050 for eHMI and WBM
    • 41100 for remote access

Functional restrictions

With the PLCnext Engineer Simulation 2022.0 LTS implementation, there are some restrictions to simulating a PLCnext Control: 

  • no real-time capability
  • no field bus nor I/O supported
  • no left-aligned AXC F XT modules supported
  • no PLCnext Store apps supported
  • task watchdog is deactivated
  • on stopping the simulation, no data will be saved

Some enhancements are planned for the 2023.0 LTS release of the PLCnext Engineer Simulation, but as of now you need to deal with them.


  • AXC F 1152 simulation:
    Free of charge, no license necessary
  • AXC F 2152 / AXC F 3152 simulation:
    PLCnext Engineer Add-in license needed, for details see PLCnext Engineer Simulation license 



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• Published/reviewed: 2022-09-14 • Revision 046 •