PLCnext Store resources

The PLCnext Store provides software applications ("apps") with which you can directly and easily expand the functions of a PLCnext controller. As a developer of software solutions, you can also create your own apps and distribute them in the PLCnext Store.

About 100 highly elaborated pieces of code are distributed by 40 contributors on this marketplace.

There are different app types available:

  • Function Extensions which are functional add-ons to the PLCnext Runtime System
  • Runtimes that enable your PLCnext Control to be programmed with other tools than PLCnext Engineer
  • Libraries, formerly distributed as "Function Block libraries", intended for use with PLCnext Engineer in IEC 61131-3 programming
  • Solutions that are fully functional automation software for use without any further programming

Some are free of charge, others come with a fee, depending on the conditions of the contributor.

Developer guides in the PLCnext Store Info Center

If you are thinking about offering your PLCnext-based solution to others, there are some things to consider:

PLCnext App Integration Guide

In the PLCnext App Integration Guide you find information on how to build a PLCnext App you want to offer in the PLCnext Store

  • This is a PLCnext App and this is how to build it
  • How the app description file should look like
  • That’s important when creating the app container
  • These tools are needed to create a PLCnext App
  • These app parts can be implemented and these restrictions should be considered

It describes the procedure for creating PLCnext Apps and their packaging in the corresponding app container. 

It does not apply to PLCnext Engineer Libraries.

PLCnext App Quality Guide

The PLCnext App Quality Guide is an integral part of the Contributor Terms for the PLCnext Store and must be observed in programming if you want to offer an app in the PLCnext Store.

Where to find the PLCnext Store

  • At you find the PLCnext Store itself, and the Terms & Conditions for users and for contributors.
  • At you find all additional Information:
    • Instructions and FAQs on how to download and implement apps in your industrial automation projects
    • Tutorials, guides and reference information on how to build and deploy valuable items in the PLCnext Store
    The PLCnext Store Info Center is also available from the Information menu of the PLCnext Store header:



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