C++ programs in PLCnext Technology

With PLCnext Technology, you can use programs created with C++ in the real-time context of a PLC along with conventional IEC 61131-3 programs. To use programs and pro­gram parts created in C++ within the scope of PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact provides tools and add-ins that help to integrate your C++ program in your real-time application in an easy way.  

  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) with important toolchains and libraries for both Linux and Windows is available for all PLCnext Control devices. Refer this SDK overview with links to the regarding download section in the Phoenix Contact website.
  • With the PLCnext CLI (PLCnext Command Line Interface), Phoenix Contact provides you with a tool featuring the following:
    • Administration of the SDKs
    • Build environment
    • Automatic generation of required metadata and configurations
    • Automatic creation of complete libraries
    • Extensive toolchain based on a console
    The PLCnext CLI is based on the .NET Core Framework and can be used on Windows and Linux operating systems. Its installer is part of all SDKs.
  • You can use the freely available Eclipse® software with the Phoenix Contact  add-in for Eclipse® as the C++ development environment. The add-in allows for easy connection to the PLCnext Technology platform and provides the PLCnext CLI functions out of Eclipse®. Its installer is part of all SDKs.
  • If you prefer working with Microsoft® Visual Studio®, now there is a PLCnext Technology extension available, too. Its installer is part of all SDKs.
  • The PLCnext API documentation for C++ programming is publicly available in different release versions.
  • In addition, refer to an overview of the common classes




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