How C# fits into PLCnext Technology

Here's a short overview to the key concept before starting your first C# programming session.

C# programming is based on a core component of PLCnext Technology, the eCLR (embedded CLR).

Since C# code is usually developed in Microsoft Visual Studio®, Phoenix Contact provides a Visual Studio® extension that enables for developing eCLR firmware libraries in C#. This includes programs, functions and function blocks. Find some examples on GitHub

The Visual Studio® extension implements the libraries on PLCnext Technology devices by means of PLCnext Engineer, the IEC 61131 engineering software from Phoenix Contact. 

So this is how the tools work together:

Structure of C# programming for PLCnext TechnologyGet the Developer Tools free-of-chargeGet Microsoft Visual Studio What's C#Read more about Common Intermediate LanguageProConOS embedded CLR explainedMore about IEC 61131-3 languages.Get PLCnext Engineer for free

For more information on parts of the structure, just hover over the scheme drawing and see what's in there.




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