Required installations for C# programming

Valid from toolchain 2021.6 - for former releases see Install C# tools

In order to develop C# functions, function blocks and programs to use them in a real-time application with IEC 61131-3, the following installations are required. 

Phoenix Contact software

PLCnext Toolchain 

With release 2021.6 the PLCnext Toolchain integrates all tools for PLCnext C# development. This is the first step to an update of the C# development environment.

Note: The standalone PLCnext Technology (C#) Development Tools for Visual Studio® 2015 and 2017 is deprecated and will get no more updates. It will be still available in the controller download archive section.

PLCnext Visual Studio® 

Phoenix Contact officially offers a Visual Studio® extension. It is necessary for the C# development process for PLCnext Technology. It extends the well known IDE by new templates, profiles, functionalities and a debugging option.

Note: Some sample applications programmed in C# can be found at


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