Providing help files for libraries 

Libraries can include help files in the Compiled Help (.chm) format that contain a help page for each POU. The help files can be added for different languages and set back to a default if there is no matching file for the current language of the PLCnext Engineer

The format of the help file name is <library name>[_<culture>]_FBFun.chm. The <culture> part of the file name is optional and allows to create versions for different languages, e.g. en, en-US, de, fr, zh-CN. These denominators end up in in the file name, e.g. PLCnextFirmwareLibrary1_zh-CN_FBFun.chm. Leaving out the language part creates the default help file, e.g. PLCnextFirmwareLibrary1_FBFun.chm.

The engineering tool (e.g. PLCnext Engineer) searches for the library's function and function blocks through their names. If the help is generated with the HTML Help Workshop then these names must be defined as keys in the *.hhk file.

Insert the help file into the project's Help folder and set the property Build Action to Content

Build Action_Content

Note: The help files must be copied into the Help directory of the project. It does not work to insert them as links.




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• Published/reviewed: 2022-09-14 • Revision 046 •