Installing the C# Development Tools for Visual Studio

Valid up to toolchain 2021.0 LTS - for newer releases see Required installations

To program in C# for PLCnext Technology, prepare your workbench as follows.


Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

Works for automation hardware:

Software downloads

  • PLCnext Technology Development Tools for Visual Studio, from the toolchain for the firmware of the controller you're working with
  • PLCnext Engineer (2019.0 LTS or newer)

Installing the C# Development Tools

  1. Unzip the downloaded .zip package and run the installer. 
    This adds the project and element templates and the debug module to your Visual Studio IDE.
  2. Check if the installation was successful:
    In Visual Studio, open Tools > Extensions and Updates from the menu bar. 
  3. Make sure that in the Installed section All is selected.
  4. Scroll down the alphabetical list in the middle to the entries beginning with "PLCnext...".
    If the extensions have been successfully installed, they will displayed there:
    Check correct installation

Uninstalling the C# Development Tools

If you want to uninstall the C# Development Tools later, run the Windows installation program for PLCnext Technology Development Tools for Visual Studio again and click Remove.

You can also use the Windows Apps and Features menu.




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