Library Description

In the project tree you will find the file LibraryDescription.xml in the ProjectItems section.

The file contains additional description for the POUs and their formal parameters which are shown as tool tips. It also enables the structuring of POUs into groups.

  • The element ProgramOrganizationUnit can be used to describe POUs.
  • The element ToolboxCategory is used for structuring. This must be referred in the ProgramOrganizationUnit.
  • For supporting different languages, the description file can be localized. You have to create separate files for each language and add it to the ProjectsItems folder.
    The file name must have the format LibraryDescription[<culture>].xml, where <culture> represents the culture code, e.g. en, en-US, de, fr, zh-CN. By default the file LibraryDescription.xml is used without culture code.




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• Published/reviewed: 2022-09-14 • Revision 046 •