Update repositories

On this page you get an overview of all update repositories in the system. The update repository is the place where the firmware files are located.

You can add a new update repository and add update packages to the repository.

Currently, you can choose between two places from which updates can be obtained: A local repository (Directory) and the CURe server (Cure). CURe stands for central update repository server. 


Update repositories page – areas and functions


External repository

  • To add an external repository, click the button ADD EXTERNAL REPOSITORY.

A new window opens.

  • Enter a name, the URI of the external repository and the credentials. 
    Note: If you want to use the CURe server from Phoenix Contact, use the following URI: https://www.phoenixcontact.com/cure
    You do not need to enter a username or password for this.
  • Click the ADD EXTERNAL REPOSITORY button.

The added repository is shown in the list.

Add update package 

Note: In this area, you can add update packages to your update repository. The update packages added in this section are also added and displayed in the update packages section. 

  • In the list, click the update repository to which you want to add update packages.

A new window opens.

  • To select an update package, click the SEARCH FOR UPDATE PACKAGE button.
  • Enter the item number or the article description of the product for which you want to search for updates (e. g. the PLCnext Control AXC F 2152). 
  • Click the QUERY CURE SERVER button.

The window extends. 

  • Select the software you want to download into your local repository. You can download multiple versions at the same time.
  • Click the SELECT SOFTWARE button.

The window extends. 

  • Click the ACCEPT CERTIFICATE button.
  • Click the SELECT SOFTWARE button.

The selected software (to be exact: the description files of the software) is added to your filtered update packages list. 

Add local update package

If you do not want to obtain updates via the external server, you can also select update packages locally via your file system.

An update package consists of the firmware file and the description file.

  • Choose the local repository. 
  • Click the UPLOAD UPDATE PACKAGE button.
    Note: Before uploading the update package, the Device and Update Management checks whether there is still enough memory available on the device (EPC).
  • Select the update package. 
  • Click the UPLOAD button.




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