Device and Update Management: access and first steps

Available from firmware 2022.0 LTS for EPC 15x2 only


The Device and Update Management makes it possible to make pending firmware updates for your devices available via the Phoenix Contact repository (CURe server). The firmware updates can be installed manually or automatically on the devices connected via OPC UA at a specified time. 

Note: To use the Device and Update Management, you need an EPC 1502 (item no. 1185416) or EPC 1522 (item no. 1185423).



To open the Device and Update Managemententer the URL https://IP.address.of.controller/daum (example: or the URL https://IP.address.of.controller:8080 (example: in your browser's address field.

  • Log in with your PLCnext credentials (with the user role "admin"). 

Create users

The users, their rights and roles in the Device and Update Management are managed via the WBM.

  • Create additional users and assign them the appropriate roles via the WBM of the EPC.  

To get an overview of the user rights and roles in the Device and Update Management, refer to the topic User roles and rights in the Device and Update Management.  

For general information on how to create users, refer to the topic User authentication.

Overview – areas and functions




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