Global Data Space 

The GlobalDataSpace namespace

All programs and variables from the IEC 61131 context are displayed in the namespace. Via the namespace, the corresponding NamespaceIndex can be determined from the NamespaceArray. The NamespaceIndex is a numeric value for identification of the namespace. It is saved in the NamespaceArray. Via the NamespaceIndex and the NodeIdentifier, a corresponding process variable, structure or function block can be retrieved.

The NodeIdentifier is always structured like this: [component name]/[program name].[variable name]

Example: Arp.Plc.Eclr/PG_AllTypes1.DIntVar

In the PLCnext Engineer it looks like this:


In the OPC UA client software UaExpert it looks like this:


The component name for C++ components is defined in the respective C++ project. It therefore differs from the component name from the IEC 61131 context (Arp.Plc.Eclr).

Data types

For a mapping table containing the PLCnext Technology data types and the corresponding OPC UA data type, see Available data types



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