OPC UA namespaces 

The GlobalDataSpace namespace

All programs and variables from the IEC 61131 context are displayed in the http://phoenixcontact.com/OpcUA/PLCnext/GlobalDataSpace/ namespace. Via the namespace, the corresponding NamespaceIndex can be determined from the NamespaceArray. The NamespaceIndex is a numeric value for identification of the namespace. It is saved in the NamespaceArray. Via the NamespaceIndex and the NodeIdentifier, a corresponding process variable, structure or function block can be retrieved.

TheNodeIdentifier is always structured like this: [component name]/[program name].[variable name]

Example: Arp.Plc.Eclr/PG_AllTypes1.DIntVar

In the PLCnext Engineer it looks like this:


In the OPC UA client software UaExpert it looks like this:


The component name for C++ components is defined in the respective C++ project. It therefore differs from the component name from the IEC 61131 context (Arp.Plc.Eclr).



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