Proficloud V3 - Connecting to the service

Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152
from 2021.0 LTS with most PLCnext Control devices (details see Availability section in the intro topic)


The Proficloud V3 is a Cloud Computing environment by Phoenix Contact, reachable at
Read more on its benefits and further development, and the distinction from the legacy Proficloud service at

In this topic, you read how to prepare your PLCnext Control for working with the Proficloud V3.

  1. Register as a user at Proficloud V3

    1. Open in a browser and register as a user
    2. Verify the user account by answering the e-mail sent to the address given with the account
  2. Get a user certificate from Proficloud V3

    Note: The certificate will only be necessary if you want to perform firmware updates on your PLCnext devices via the Proficloud V3. This certificate is specific to the user account, so all devices in an account will run with the same certificate, but it has to be placed on each device that is meant work via Proficloud V3. Those preparations on the device will be done in a later step of these instructions.
    1. Log in to your user account at
    2. Click on the User icon at the upper right corner and choose Settings from the drop-down menu
    3. Click the DOWNLOAD USER CA CERTIFICATE button:

      → The certificate .crt file is downloading to your computer
    4. If prompted by your browser, allow the certificate .crt file to be downloaded
  3. Enable the Proficloud V3 connection on the PLCnext device

    Note: If a PLCnext device is reset to factory defaults these steps need to be done again in order to use the device with Proficloud V3.
    1. This step is done via the Web-Based Management (WBM) on each PLCnext device, for more see Configuration - Proficloud V3 in the WBM section.
      Note: To protect the Proficloud V3 configuration against unauthorized access or changes afterwards, see Blocking access to the Proficloud configuration.
  4. Prepare the PLCnext device for Proficloud V3

    Note: If a PLCnext device is reset to factory defaults these steps need to be done again in order to use the device with Proficloud V3.
    1. Make sure the real-time clock (RTC) of the device is set to UTC0not the time zone where the device is located. UTC0 is UTC±00:00 of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is also the default value of each PLCnext device, so usually nothing has to be changed in order to fit the Proficloud V3 needs. If the RTC needs to be set, see here.
    2. Make sure that the network connection gateway is set up correctly so the PLCnext device can connect to services in the Internet.
  5. Register a Trust Store for Proficloud V3

    The Proficloud V3 needs to be a trusted source, reflected by a certificate in a Trust Store. For more detailed information on this important security feature, refer to the Certificate Authentication topic.

    1. Add a new Trust Store named proficloudv3 (case-sensitive!)
    2. Add the certificate .crt file you got with an earlier step of these instructions




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