Proficloud V3 Device Management Service

Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152
from 2021.0 LTS with most PLCnext Control devices (details see Availability section below)

Introducing the new Proficloud V3

The Proficloud V3 is a newly started Cloud Computing environment by Phoenix Contact, reachable at

For a couple of years now, Phoenix Contact already hosts the known Proficloud service at, providing the Times-Series Data (TSD) service and support for online installation to controllers out of the PLCnext Store.

The new Proficloud V3 was built as a completely new environment based on new architectures and technologies. For some time both versions will co-exist. All functions of the known Proficloud will remain available, and for the time being, users can also use both connections at the same time on a controller. 

However, it is planned to merge the users, devices, and functions to the Proficloud V3 soon, but during the transition period, using the Proficloud V3 may require a new user account.

Scope of the Proficloud V3

The Proficloud V3 offers an easy way of managing and maintaining remote PLCnext devices, such as controllers in off-shore wind power plants. In this 2020.6 step, the main functions are:

  • Showing a device overview with exact geolocation of all connected devices
  • Showing a health status of all connected devices
  • Showing key information for all connected devices
  • Reporting logs from the connected devices
  • Checking for firmware updates and updating on connected devices via the cloud
  • Using time-series data (TSD) from a connected PLCnext Control

Additional services will be available in future.


Device(s) AXC F 2152 AXC F 1152AXC F 3152RFC 4072S
EPC 1502, EPC 1522
BPC 9102S RFC 4072R
Firmware 2020.6 2021.0 LTS ≥ 2021.3







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