Proficloud V3 Device Management Service

Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152
from 2021.0 LTS with most PLCnext Control devices (details see Availability section in the intro topic)


The Proficloud V3 is a newly started Cloud Computing environment by Phoenix Contact, reachable at
Read more on its benefits and further development, and the distinction from the known Proficloud service at

In this topic, you read how to add, edit, or remove your devices to the Proficloud V3

Adding devices to the Proficloud V3 Device Management Service


Have the Proficloud V3 connection already set up!

  1. Open the Device Management Service in the Proficloud V3

    1. Log in to your user account at
    2. Click on Device Management Service in the panel on the left to show the Device Overview page
  2. Add a device

    1. Press ADD DEVICE in the Device Overview page

      → The New Device dialog pops up.
      Dialog box:Click to show the screenshot

    2. Enter the UUID of your PLCnext device (printed on its housing) and a name to identify this entry in the Device Overview
    3. Optionally, enter a comment, the address where the device is located, and a helpful tag for discriminating a large number of devices connected to the same account
    4. Finish by pressing the ADD DEVICE TO PROFICLOUD button
      → The device appears in the Device Overview

      → If your device is connected to the Internet the status signalling should turn into Online after a few seconds

Now this device is ready for use with the Proficloud V3


Repeat the procedure for other devices.


Hint: As the device list grows you might want to change the order of the devices in the Status menu:

Editing or removing devices from the Proficloud V3

To edit or remove the device information made during the registering process, click the 3-dots icon at the right in the device's card and select the according menu entry:


The Edit Device Information dialog shows roughly the same form as the New Device dialog, so you can add optional information later: 


The Delete Device dialog provides hints on what will happen if you delete a device. Press the confirming or canceling button after thoroughly reading:




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