Proficloud V3 - Using Device Management Service

Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152
from 2021.0 LTS with most PLCnext Control devices (details see Availability section in the intro topic)


The Proficloud V3 is a newly started Cloud Computing environment by Phoenix Contact, reachable at
Read more on its benefits and further development, and the distinction from the known Proficloud service.

In this topic, you read which information you can find for your devices to the Proficloud V3, how to interpret the health status and logs, and how to perform a remote firmware update via the Proficloud V3.  

Device Overview

In the Device Overview, each device appears as a card showing its data, next to a map showing its geolocation (if entered). The color of the card and of the map icon reflects the device's Health status.

Click on a card to unfold the service tabs for that device.


The Health tab provides a rough information to the status of the device, depending on the LEDs on its housing.

E.g., for a PLCnext Control, the typical LEDs are utilize to reflect in a 3-step color code, that shows in the device's card: 

  • If the device card is green then the device's LEDs are stating this:
    • SF is off        AND
    • FAIL is off  AND
    • D is green   AND
    • E is off
  • If the device card is yellow then the device's LEDs are stating this:
    • BF-C is on    OR 
    • BF-D is on   OR 
    • D is yellow  OR 
    • E is yellow
  • If the device card is red then the device's LEDs are stating this:
    • SF is on         OR
    • FAIL is on   OR 
    • D is red         OR
    • E is red

The Device Status shows which of the OR states is triggering the color code.

In addition, this default tab shows a notification for the availability of a new firmware update, so you won't miss it.


In the Information tab, you find the key informations for each device. It contains the informations you have entered in the registering process, and some that were provided by the device itself:

  • Comment
  • Location
  • Serial Number
  • Device Type
  • UUID
  • Hardware Version


In the Service tab, additional services for the Device Management will be listed in future.


In the Logs tab, the logging information of the device is visible as it is sent from the device to the cloud. These entries are filtered out of the Output.log file on the PLCnext device.

Firmware Update

In the Firmware Update tab, the update process is handled completely. 

Firmware update processClick to show the update process

Note: A PLCnext Control will perform an update of the firmware only when the PLC is in the STOP state. If the update needs to be performed in the RUN state then this needs to be enabled in the settings file that is located in this directory on the device:

To prepare the device for updating the firmware out of the RUN state, log in to the device via WinSCP or similar software, navigate to the .config file and change the force parameter in the <FirmwareUpdate> tag to true:

<FirmwareUpdate enabled="true" 

The update process can be started by clicking the UPDATE FIRMWARE button. In the Firmware selection dialog, select the version you want to install and click the UPDATE FIRMWARE NOW button:

Follow the update process that is reflected by status messages:

This update was performed successfully, stating every step in the process:




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