Proficloud V3 - Time-series data (TSD) connector

Available from 2020.6 with AXC F 2152
from 2021.0 LTS with most PLCnext Control devices (details see Availability section in the intro topic)


Prepare your project on the controller

Make the following settings in PLCnext Engineer to prepare the project:

  • Declare the variables to be used in the TSD service as OUT Port
    Note: Phoenix Contact recommends sending a maximum of 50 variables per PLCnext controller to the Proficloud.
    With firmware release 2021.6, the maximum is upgraded to 300 variables. 
  • Also activate the Proficloud checkbox. 
Security note: Note that the transmitted variable values can be viewed by any user in the Proficloud account of your organization. In Proficloud it is currently not possible to assign different rights to users. 

Supported data types

PLCnext Engineer Simulink C++
BOOL Boolean boolean
BYTE uint8 uint8
DINT int32 int32
DWORD uint32 uint32
INT int16 int16
LINT   int64
LREAL double double
LWORD   uint64
REAL single float
SINT int8 int8
UDINT uint32 uint32
UINT uint16 uint16
ULINT   uint64
USINT uint8 uint8
WORD uint16 uint16

Show values in dashboard

As soon as a device is registered, the TSD service can be accessed in Proficloud V3:

  • First select the UUID of the device that will provide the data:

Once a UUID is selected, all variables declared for the TSD service in PLCnext Engineer are automatically displayed in a single graph:

Intermediate storage of data

Up to 1000 data elements can be stored temporarily. A data element is a value of a variable which was recorded at a certain time. The PLCnext controller records the data at 1000 ms intervals and sends them to the Proficloud every 1000 ms if a connection is established.  
The data can be buffered until 1000 elements are reached. For example, if 10 variables are marked, 100 s can be buffered. In case of a memory overflow the oldest data will be discarded. 

If the Internet connection is interrupted, the values are temporarily stored in the controller and sent to the Proficloud as soon as the connection is restored. 

Note: Data stored in the buffer is lost when a power reset of the controller is executed.

Create a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard, you need to switch to your own organization.

Switch to organization

Go to the Proficloud FAQ for further information and instructions.

Set up alarms

You can also set an alarm for each panel in your organization. As soon as a rule is fulfilled (value exceeded/undercut), a message is sent to the defined recipients.
Go to the Proficloud FAQ for further information and instructions.




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