Transferring variable values to the Proficloud

Available with firmware 2019.0 LTS up to 2020.6 (from firmware 2021.0 LTS see Proficloud V3)

Note: As of Summer 2020, the new Proficloud V3 platform was launched under . With this service, the Time-Series Data (TSD) service was also relaunched. Therefore, the following description is only valid for the Proficloud service running under

In PLCnext Engineer, you can define variables whose values are to be transferred as a metric to the Proficloud. The variable values are stored in Proficloud. The metrics can be represented graphically using the open platform Grafana®. 

Note: This description and instructions depend on the initial Proficloud version initiated in 2017.

Configuration steps

Creating variables as OUT ports

Variables that are to be transferred from a PLCnext Engineer project to Proficloud have to be created as OUT ports in PLCnext Engineer.

To create a variable in PLCnext Engineer as an OUT port, proceed as follows:

  • In the COMPONENTS area, click on ProgrammingLocal and then on →Programs.
  • Double-click on the desired program from which variables are to be transferred to Proficloud.
  • Select the Variables editor.
  • Identify or enter a variable name and data type.
  • In the Usage column, identify the OUT Port to use.
  • Enable the check box in the regarding Proficloud column.

Note: The Proficloud check box has to be enabled for at least one OUT port so that the controller can send data to Proficloud.

If you program your program in C++ using the PLCnext Technology Command Line Interface (PLCnext CLI), you have to define the OUT ports of which the values are to be transferred to Proficloud using attributes Output and Proficloud ( //#attributes (Output|Proficloud)), see Creating_IN_and_OUT_ports.


The controller sets the timestamp for the data that is transferred to Proficloud. Make sure that the controller time is set to UTC (for additional information, please refer to System time).

In case of an interrupted Internet connection, the timestamp is not affected. When the Internet connection is interrupted, data is buffered in the controller.

Preparing the controller for Proficloud

Activating TSD in the Web-based Management

Before you can transfer metrics to Proficloud, you have to register the controller in Proficloud and activate the TSD Proficloud service in the WBM of the controller. To do this, proceed as follows:

To establish a connection to WBM, proceed as follows:

  • Open the web browser on your PC.
  • In the address field, enter URL http://IP address of the controller (example:

If there is an HMI application on the controller, entering URL http://IP address of the controller calls the application. To call WBM in this case, enter URL http ://IP address of the controller/wbm.

For more information on WBM (web-based management) of your controller, please refer to Web-based management (WBM).

  • Open the PROFICLOUD page in the Configuration area.
  • Enable the check boxes for Enable Proficloud Service and Enable Time-Series Data (TSD) Service.

On the PROFICLOUD WBM page, you can check the connection status to Proficloud in the Proficloud Connection State line of the table.


Configuring PROFICLOUD

Connection to the PROFICLOUD administration

  • Open the web browser on your PC.
  • In the address line, enter URL

Logging in

  • Enter your user name and password.
  • Click the Sign In button to sign into Proficloud.

Adding a controller

  • To add the controller as a Proficloud device, select the TSD Device Manager solution.

The Appliances page opens.

Appliances page

Registering PLCnext Engineer

  • Click on the Add button.

The Create Appliance dialog opens.


  • Enter the UUID of the controller in the UUID input field.

The UUID of the AXC F 2152 is printed on the side of the device, for example. You will also find the UUID in WBM in the Configuration area on the PROFICLOUD page.

  • Enter a unique name for the controller in the Appliance name input field.
  • Click on the Add button to save your entries.


Displaying metrics

Displaying an overview of the Proficloud device metrics

When the controller is switched on, the metrics are automatically transferred to Proficloud.
To display an overview of all of the metrics of a Proficloud device, proceed as follows:

  • Select the TSD Device Manager Proficloud solution.
  • The Appliances page opens.
  • On the Appliances page, click on the controller of which the metrics are to be displayed.

 The Appliances / device name page opens.


The metrics received are shown in the Metrics area.


Displaying the metrics graphically in Grafana®

The metrics can be represented graphically using the open platform Grafana®.

To display a metric graphically in Grafana®, proceed as follows:

Establishing a connection to Grafana®

  • Select the TSD Device Manager solution.
  • Select the Go to Analytics entry in the menu.

The Grafana® homepage opens.


Creating a new dashboard

  • Click on the Home button.

The Home page opens.

  • Click on the New Dashboard button to create a new dashboard.

⇒The New dashboard page opens.


Selecting the display type

  • Click on one of the buttons to select a display type (e.g., graph, etc.).

An example display opens for the type of graphical display selected.

Selecting a metric

  • To be able to select the metric to be displayed, click on Panel Title.
  • Click on the Edit button.

An area in which you are able to edit the details of the selected graphical display opens below the example display.

  • Switch to the Metrics tab.
  • Select the metric to be displayed.
  • Close the bottom area by clicking on the X button.

The selected metric is now displayed graphically.




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