Beginner's Guide to the PLCnext ecosystem

Welcome to the PLCnext Technology ecosystem with all its opportunities. Now - what do you want to achieve first? Which one is your first approach? Here's a short introduction to the different paths:

PLC on Din railUsing the all-in-one PLCnext Control as a classic controller, programmable in the IEC 61131-3 languages of industrial automation

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programmer at deskUsing the PLCnext Control as a new-world controller, programmable high-level languages and using features and services of the PLCnext Runtime

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Neon sign OPENUsing the all-in-one PLCnext Control as an open system independent from the PLCnext Runtime and IEC 61131-3 languages

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PLCnext as a classic controller

Classic automation programming begins with PLCnext Engineer, the free-of-charge engineering suite of the PLCnext ecosystem. You can use the usual IEC 61131-3 languages as well as ready-for-use function block libraries with PLCnext Engineer.

Here's a bunch of free-of-charge starting points:

PLCnext programming in high-level languages

PLCnext Technology was developed to enable users to write real-time programs and functions in C++ and C#, and then use those programs and functions in their project. Importantly, this is still based around PLCnext Engineer as the overall project development tool for working with PLCnext Technology.

PLCnext as an open system

The third way directs at users who want to write and run real-time programs on the PLCnext Control – either using the ESM, or their own run-time – or they might want to write and run non-real-time applications.

In any case, these people will still probably want to make use of PLCnext Runtime features: 

Which PLCnext Control is best for you?

Now, are you eager to start out and develop your own solution? Simulate a real target with PLCnext Engineer Simulation - free of charge for the basic PLCnext Control.

You already tried everything that is possible with just a simulated PLCnext Control? Then it's time to get your PLCnext hardware. Check out the PLCnext Control comparison to find the perfect match for your project.

If you're just interested to try a few things, maybe the new PLCnext Technology Starterkit is your first choice.




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