Connecting to the controller

Default System Use Notification

If you connect to the controller via SSH or SFTP (e.g. using WinSCP), you will receive the following system use notification for your attention: 

Dieses Geraet darf nur von autorisierten Benutzern fuer autorisierte
Zwecke verwendet werden. Ihre Anmeldeinformationen und alle
Benutzeraktionen auf diesem Geraet koennen ueberwacht,
aufgezeichnet, kopiert und auditiert werden.
Durch die weitere Verwendung dieses Geraets erklaeren
Sie sich mit diesen Bedingungen einverstanden.

This device may only be used by authorized users for authorized
purposes. Your credentials and all user actions on this device can
be monitored, recorded, copied and audited. By continuing to use
this device, you agree to these terms.


The text is also displayed when logging in to the controller via PLCnext Engineer.

The displayed text is stored in a .txt file on the controller by default and can be changed or replaced if necessary. The file can be found on the file system of the controller under /opt/plcnext/config/System/Um/UmSystemUseNotifcation.txt. To change the file, you must be logged in as Linux user admin.

From firmware version 2021.0 LTS on you also have the possibility to edit the System Use Notification via the WBM of the controller. 

For executing commands on the controller

Using a Windows® PC

  • If already connected to the controller using WinSCP, open the console by clicking the Open in PuTTY button:
    open PuTTY
    Otherwise you may also use PuTTY directly.
  • At the prompt, enter the admin user's password:

You're ready to issue Linux® commands.

Using a Linux® PC

  • In a console, execute this command: ssh admin@<controller_IP_address> 
  • At the prompt, enter the admin user password. The default password is printed on the controller's housing.

You're ready to issue Linux® commands via a console.

For copying or editing files

Using a Windows® PC

  • To configure a new connection setting in WinSCP, click on New Site in the upper right section:
    WinSCP verbinden
    Note: At first, the list in the right section only shows the New Site entry. Once you have logged in with a specific user, the connection is shown and can be used again.
  • Enter the IP address of the controller and the password for the admin user. The default password is printed on the controller's housing.
  • Click Login

The Login process starts.

  • Type in the password here and confirm with OK.
    mit WinSCP verbinden

WinSCP shows the file system on the controller and on your PC in a split view.

  • Navigate through the directories and perform your task. 

Using a Linux® PC

Under Linux®, SCP is available via console, e.g. for copying files:

  • To copy a file from the host PC to a controller directory, e.g. /opt/plcnext/:
    scp <file> admin@<controller_IP_address>:/opt/plcnext/
  • To copy a file from the controller directory, e.g. /opt/plcnext/, to the current host PC directory:
    scp admin@<controller_IP_address>:/opt/plcnext/<file>

You will be prompted to confirm the command with the admin user password.




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