Transferring a project to the controller

To transfer the project to the controller, proceed as follows:

  • Double-click the controller node in the PLANT area.

The controller editor group opens.

  • Select the Cockpit editor.
  • Click on the Button_Projekt_schreiben_und_ausführen.bmp button (Write project to controller and start execution. (F5)).
    Note: If user authentication is enabled, authentication with a user name and password is required in order to execute this function. The function can only be executed by users whose user roles have the necessary authorization. If you do not have the necessary authorization to execute the function, PLCnext Engineer informs you of this in a message.
    User authentication is enabled by default. You can disable user authentication via the User authentication.

The project is compiled, transferred to the controller, and executed.

Download Changes

The controller supports the Download Changes function. With the Download Changes function, program changes can be transferred to the controller during operation without interruption.
This is subject to the following conditions:

  • You have not made any changes to the bus configuration.
  • You have not changed the process data assignment.
  • You have not changed the properties of the existing tasks (e.g., task type, interval, watchdog).
  • You have not deleted any tasks or added any new tasks.
  • You have not made any changes to a program in high-level language.




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