Instantiating a program

Programs are instantiated in the Tasks and Events editor. To instantiate a program, create the required task and assign it to the desired program instance.
Individual tasks are coordinated and processed in the Execution and Synchronization Manager (ESM). The AXC F 2152 uses a dual-core processor and has one ESM (ESM1 and ESM2 in the Tasks and Events editor) per processor core. The AXC F 1152 uses only one processor core and features one ESM.

Opening the Tasks and Events editor

  • Double-click the PLCnext node in the PLANT area.

The / PLCnext editor group opens.

  • Select the Tasks and Events editor.

Creating a task

  • In the Name column, enter a name for the new task in the Enter task name here input field.
    Note: The name must not contain any spaces.
  • In the Task Type column, click in the input field.
  • Select the Task Type from the drop-down list.
  • Make all of the required settings for the task in the remaining columns.

Instantiating a program

  • In the Name column, enter a name for the program instance under a task in the Enter program instance name here input field.
    Note: The name must not contain any spaces.
  • Click on Select program type here in the Program Type column.
  • Select the program to be instantiated from the drop-down list.

The selected program is instantiated and assigned to a task.



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