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This WBM page is accessible with user role:

  • Admin
  • SecurityAdmin (from firmware 2022.0 LTS)

How to get into the WBMHow to get into the WBM

Establishing a connection to the Web-based Management (WBM):

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • In the address field, enter the URL https://<IP-address-of-the-controller>/wbm,
    for example:

For further information, see WBM.

In order to update to firmware version 2022.3 or newer at least a firmware version 2020.0 LTS or newer must be installed on the controller. Firmware versions 2021.9 and before will not accept the *.raucb firmware update file. 

Note: If the boot process failed several consecutive times, the inactive and the active boot partition will change their roles, too. This behavior has been implemented to keep the PLCnext Control device accessible even if the firmware update fails. The behavior can also occur when the boot process is interrupted e.g. by power loss. In this case you will observe that the PLCnext Control boots with its previously installed firmware version.
To prevent such unintended firmware downgrades, Phoenix Contact recommends that after a finally successful firmware update, the same firmware should be installed once again. This way both the active and the inactive boot partition will contain the same firmware version.

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Firmware Update page

On this page, you can implement a firmware update of the controller. 


Getting a firmware update file

To update the controller firmware, proceed as follows:

  • First of all, note the currently installed firmware version which is displayed on the General Data WBM page, so you can check for the firmware update to be successful.
  • Download the firmware file:
    • Starting with firmware 2022.0 LTS you find a link in the Help menu in the header of the WBM, which leads you to the firmware download page for your controller.
    • For previous firmware versions, see the regarding product page on the Phoenix Contact website. There your find all firmware versions and hotfixes that are available for your PLCnext Control device:
  • Unzip the *.zip firmware file.
    • Only in case of legacy firmware that has contained Windows® executables:
      Run the *.exe setup file and follow the instructions in the installation wizard; the update file (*.raucb) and files with device-specific information will be copied to the selected destination directory.
  • From the unzipped folder, copy the *.raucb update container file to the selected destination directory.

Selecting the firmware file

  • Click on the Browse... button.

In the file explorer that opens, select the *.raucb firmware file to be installed.

  • Click on the Open button.

The firmware file to be installed is now displayed in WBM.


Starting the firmware update

  • To start the firmware update, click on the Start Update button.

The update file is transferred to the controller.

Once the file has been successfully transferred, the firmware update is started.

The status of the file transfer and the status of the update process are displayed in the WBM as progress bars.


After the firmware update, the controller is restarted automatically.

Note: The connection to the controller is interrupted during the firmware update. After the firmware update, the WBM pages opened in the browser are no longer up to date.

Once the controller is fully initialized after the restart, you have to log into WBM again to update the WBM pages.
The updated firmware version is displayed on the top right corner of every WBM page.


Checking the firmware version

  • After the controller was restarted, log into WBM again.
  • Open the General Data page.
  • Check whether the correct firmware version is displayed.

If the previously installed firmware version is still displayed after the firmware update (see Noting the installed firmware version ), an error occurred during the firmware update.

  • In this case, repeat the firmware update.

Downgrading to a former firmware version

If you need to install not an update but a former firmware version (downgrading), proceed as described above for updates.

Known issue:

Known for firmware 2020.6 or newer on all supported PLCnext Control devices:

After downgrading the firmware, it is recommended to reset to Default setting Type 1 (see Factory Reset). This is not necessary when updating the firmware.




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• Published/reviewed: 2023-02-20 • Revision 053 •